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Absolutely Brilliant

Hi Jay,

It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I took some time to go on line and look at you and Sue Zeccos web site. I had seen the dvd for "heads" advertised in the grooming catalogues so thought Id check it out. WOW!!!! Ive just watched loads of the demos on line. Brilliant. I wish I had the money to buy the whole set.


In the UK a lot of the heads are taught in a different way...but wow...will I be using your techniques!!!!!! I must get the dvd on heads for reference and to pass on the info. I always say you have to have your own style and flair in grooming otherwise your technique will be too uniform. I loved watching the clips and the banter between you and Sue Zecco.


Absolutely brilliant.


Andrew Graham

Stardust Dog Groomer

Super Styling Sessions DVDs are THE BEST

I just wanted to say Thanks for helping me decide which videos I needed @ APF. Plus, you opted on sending me the poodle video as my "free" one, as it was sold out at the time. Thank you.....


As soon as I got home home I watched the German Trim.... and wanted to tell you how much we loved your story about Trace!!!


It made us cry and laugh .... we have one of those standard poos who are "special" and it reminded us of him.... and we too, love Trace Atkins...big ol man!


Any hoo, I have since watched all of my other videos, and have learned soooooo very much from you both. (I have other sets from other groomers, and yours, by far, are the BEST) I can't wait to order more.... keep 'em coming .... if there is anything left...hehe


Again, thank you for putting out such great quality!


Beth Travinski

Driveway Dogs

A Passion for Perfection

Sue and Jay have had a long-standing relationship with Wahl Clipper Corporation. It has been wonderful to watch them share their passion for perfection in the grooming industry across the United States and globally. As world-class industry professionals, business owners, dedicated instructors and outstanding judges, they continue to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.


- Thank you from all of us at Wahl Clipper Corporation.

A Great Admirer

I've enjoyed the friendship of Sue and Jay for many years and I'm a great admirer of their accomplishments in the pet grooming industry. Their professionalism and creativity are second to none. Sue and Jay's success is reflective of all their hard work and dedication. I'm honored to be counted amongst their friends.


- Francisco J. Dominguez

Edemco Dryers, Inc.


Can't Say Enough about the DVDs!

I can't say enough good things about your work and what it has done for my attitude/enthusiasm. I watched the Bichon video early Saturday morning because I had one boarding that was due for pickup that afternoon. He was not scheduled for a groom but he got one (free) because I couldn't wait to try out some of the stuff I saw you and Jay do with the model Bichon.


My shop is in good shape to work with your tips and techniques because I use Bark to Basics, have both a Switchblade and a Bravura, have the full set of Wahl SS Snap on combs and a full set of all colors of the Les Pooch brushes!


From my perspective, your DVDs are a great value and the expense will be a tax deduction as a "continueing education" expense. I didn't think I needed the one about bathing/brushing either, but have changed my mind after watching you tuck the dryer hose under your arm while brushing out a Schnauzer!


- Leigh Doucet

Master Stylist Applauds Sue & Jay

Since grooming has been more of a passion than a career for me over the past 25 years, I make it my hobby to constantly learn more about grooming dogs and cats.


I had the opportunity to attend one of Sue and Jay's seminars at the 2008 Atlanta Pet Fair. As a fan of both Jay and Sue, I wanted to attend to be inspired by the way they teach, plus I knew it would be fun to be around them as they interact.


I believe that if I learn just one new thing at a seminar, it has been worth my time. To my total delight, at this seminar I took an entire page of notes, and learned many new things to help me improve my work.


Not only that, but I had a great time! Jay and Sue are not only supremely talented stylists, they are accomplished instructors. If you have a chance to be a part of a day of learning with them, don't pass it up. You will take away information that will help you to grow your career.


- Daryl Conner, Appleton ME

[Daryl is a grooming journalist, industry speaker, and master pet stylist.]

DVDs Fill the Educational Gap

Jay and Sue, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your educational DVDs. I have been a groomer for over 30 years ( self-taught). In my early years I attended seminars and learned a lot. My son is now wanting to learn how to groom. Your DVDs are a great tool for him. I'm trying to teach him, but your DVDs will be even better. Thank you so much.


- Shari Karanas, Mandeville, LA

Customer Comments on DVD

Just wanted to let you know the DVD I ordered has helped me sooo much.


I did a Bichon right after watching the DVD. The client hugged my neck to thank me. His wife called to thank me. They were so amazed at their dog's appearance that they had 8 x 10-inch photos made.


The incident made my whole six years of grooming.


Thank you so much!


- Tammy

Praise from a Seminar Attendee

I just wanted to report in to you all about one of the most enjoyable Sundays I've had in a long time. I was in Portland OR for a Sue Zecco/Jay Scruggs grooming seminar hosted by Candy Jackson, the Shampoo Lady.


What a blast! This is one of the few seminars I've gone to where I really felt like I got my money's worth and more -- they were very informative, and wonderfully entertaining.. they are so funny together.


Included was a mini trade show ..and even a box lunch! And -- we all went home with a sampler gift package of SIX 16 oz. bottle of BARK TO BASICS shampoos. In an 8-4 day they managed to groom:


1 Welsh terrier

1 Labradoodle [they kept saying she was like a Po]

1 Cocker

1 Standard poodle

1 Bichon

1 Yorkie


This is one I would do again for sure...it was a good day :)


- Joni

DVDs Produce Immediate Results!

I just purchased 6 of Sue & Jay's DVDs from Groomer's Choice. I did so because I have been unable to get away from my shop since opening three years ago. I decided the expense was a fair trade for the $ I haven't spent attending any seminars. Quite frankly, I have been rather burnt out with grooming (especially after the holiday rush) so I thought some education might perk up my attitude. I went to grooming school long ago and was NOT taught to scissor or use snap on combs so I am pretty much self taught in those areas. I bought a series of videos years ago but was disappointed in the quality and the content.


WOW! I watched the first DVD (Shih Tzus) and was amazed at what I learned. First of all, I had selected six of the breed DVDs as my first purchase, intending to get the "Scissoring" one later on. Yesterday I ordered the "Scissoring" DVD as I figured out how much I need to learn about the use of thinning shears in order to take full advantage of the info on the breed DVDs!


I have only been able to watch two of my six DVDs thus far but I am blown away at how much I got out of them. I actually came back over to the shop after I had watched the Schnauzer DVD to rework a beautiful platinum Schnauzer I thought I had finished earlier! He looked much better after the thinning shear work on his legs. I will not use a #10 (as taught in school) on the backs of Schnauzers any more. The 7F blended so much better at the drop off of the underline.


I will eventually collect all of the DVDs as well as purchase Jay's set of shears, although I will order the thinners in the near future! I love your common sense approach, your gentle ways handling the model pets and certainly, the finished product. I do use the Bark to Basics shampoos so I am now a complete and dedicated client. Thank you for giving me such a new enthusiasm for my work.




- Leigh Doucet

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